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Holbeton Primary School

Holbeton Primary School

Holbeton Primary School

Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium and Service Premium?

Pupil Premium and Service Premium are government funds allocated to schools to support children from low income families and those who have a parent in the Armed Services. Schools decide how this funding is spent, as they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils at their school.

How does Holbeton Primary School use its Premium Funding?

We use Pupil Premium and Service Premium funding to ensure that all FSM (Free School Meal) children and Service Family children are supported so they make accelerated academic progress.  We give them every opportunity to shine to promote their confidence and self-esteem. All staff and Governors follow a plan to ensure that life’s scales are heavily tipped in their favour whilst they are in our care. We formally review our plan annually (next review due April 2018). However we always keep a close eye on things and implement any changes we feel would have immediate impact 


2016 – 2017 – Academic year
Total amount received £7180
2017 – 2018 – Academic Year
Total amount to be received £9240


Our aims:

  • To provide opportunities for pupils to achieve the best that they can with little variance between groups.
  • To enable all children to benefit from Quality First teaching
  • To accelerate progress of children in receipt of PP where needed
  • To ensure that all pupils have equal opportunity and access to participate in events, trips and residential/activity weeks
  • To provide Breakfast Club / After school provision as appropriate
  • To personalise the learning for all children

Summary of spending 

  1. Fund 1 to 1 intervention sessions tailored to children’s needs
  2. Fund small group activities
  3. To provide additional teaching assistant support within the class
  4. Subsidised educational visits to enrich the curriculum and learning opportunities
  5. Support THRIVE intervention and Early Help for Mental Health as necessary
  6. Specific equipment to support individuals, when required

Outcomes for the year

In school tracking and monitoring enables progress rates to be monitored so that interventions are tailored to the needs of the child

This data would indicate that disadvantaged children are making good progress in reading, writing and in maths

Planned spending and actions for next year:
In addition to spending the above, further actions:

  1. All staff constantly raise self-esteem of these children, choosing them for positions of responsibility, parts in teams, praising often etc.
  2. Children to be selected first for any clubs, trips, experiences etc.
  3. Staff to ensure that these children always have correct equipment for eg swimming, homework etc. and provide it from school as a matter of routine.
  4. Their progress to be reported weekly to Head teacher with their work being marked first at all times.

Our Pupil Premium children will be our highest achievers. We will be the wave that lifts and carries them, ensuring that they land well above the high tide mark on the beach of life.