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Holbeton Primary School

Holbeton Primary School

Holbeton Primary School


Keeping our children safe is of the greatest importance here at Holbeton Primary School. We recognise that in order for our children to thrive in school they need to be SAFE, HAPPY and HEALTHY.

Holbeton School prides itself on its informal, relaxed atmosphere that sends a clear message encouraging children and parents to tell staff or governors if there are any issues causing them concern. We will always listen and deal with the problem fairly, quickly and consistently.

Safeguarding is central to all that we do and permeates all aspects of school life. A wide range of measures are in place in order to achieve this.

For more information from Devon Safeguarding , please click here.

Staff Training/Safeguarding Policy 

A high priority is given to staff training. The designated officers for child protection are Jackie Rundle and Kate Nash. All other staff have the appropriate child protection training that is updated regularly. The designated governor is Mrs Di Baumer.

There is a detailed safeguarding policy available from the school office or here. The Governing Body reviews this policy annually and addresses any deficiencies immediately.

Safeguarding is an agenda on every full governing body meeting.

Site Security 

A lot of work has taken place over the last few years to improve the site security. An automated front gate, relocation of the administration office, new fencing and gates to name a few. Gates are locked except at the start and the end of the day. An intercom is in place for visitors to contact the office outside these hours and all visitors must sign in and out. Children are only allowed home with adults with parental permission and no child can leave the school alone during school hours.

A regular premises audit helps to ensure a safe and secure site and children are supervised at all times during play.

The Design of the Curriculum 

The curriculum teaches pupils how to stay safe, protect themselves from harm and take responsibility for their own and others safety. Pupils are encouraged to explore and discuss relevant issues in Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE) on Friday afternoons in vertically grouped classes. Our children are regularly exposed to new situations that result in safety issues being taught in a structured, controlled manner – bikeability, day trips, residential trips to Grenville House and France, Forest school, visits from the school nurse, fire brigade, Air Ambulance and police.

Appointment of Staff and Induction of Volunteers 

There are stringent vetting procedures in place for staff and other adults. Nobody commences work unless all checks have been completed, including those with the Barring and Disclosure Service. The school ensures that adults working with children, including volunteers and supply staff, are appropriately recruited and vetted, and receive appropriate training, guidance, support and supervision to undertake the effective safeguarding of pupils – they are directed to the safeguarding policy and given appropriate support. A single central record of recruitment and vetting checks covering all adults who have regular contact with children is held in the office along with induction pack for students/volunteers.


Excellent attendance is expected of all children, but when children are unwell parents are asked to confirm absence by telephone immediately. If there is no notification, we have a policy of phoning home to ascertain each child’s whereabouts. The school works closely with the Local Authority’s Welfare officer on the rare occasions when a child’s attendance and punctuality causes concern

We discourage authorised absence during term time for holidays.

Healthy Eating 

We are committed to healthy eating. KSI are provided with fruit at break time and KS2 encouraged to bring fruit snacks. We are continually reviewing our meal time provision taking into account the views of the parents and the children.

Behaviour and Anti Bullying 

Courteous and responsible behaviour is actively encouraged and we have high expectations of good behaviour from the children. Our behaviour policy demonstrates our emphasis on positive approaches and clear boundaries.

We do not tolerate bullying in our school community, and as soon as we are aware of an issue we act promptly and effectively. There is a more detailed Anti-bullying Policy that is available here and as a paper copy from the school office.

Safe Built Environment 

The premises sub committee oversee any problems relating to the school buildings. An annual audit-both internal and external – identifies any potential safety issues and sets in motion appropriate measures to ensure an ongoing safe environment for the pupils and staff.


All parents are asked to give formal signed consent for their child to access the internet. Pupils are not left unsupervised and are taught how to use the internet in a safe way. Any suspicion of misuse must be reported to the Head immediately.

Photographing and Videoing 

Photographs and videos are only taken following written parental consent. Any photographs taken by parents can only be used within their family and must not be posted on any social network site if they include any children other than their own.

First Aid 

In school there are key trained members of staff who volunteer to oversee first aid.

When a child is poorly, or has suffered an accident in school or on the playground there is a protocol for staff to follow:

  • A trained first aider is consulted
  • Any child who has had a bump/injury at playtime or lunchtime break is carefully monitored by staff and if they remain well we inform parents at the end of the day. Additionally, all head injuries are reported to parents by a written letter, including recommended action if the child becomes increasingly unwell.
  • If there is any doubt at all about a child’s wellbeing, a parent is contacted.

Parents are welcome to come into school to administer prescribed medication. For many medicines, a dose before and after school is perfectly adequate.

We ensure appropriate provision for children with chronic medical conditions. (For example, all staff trained annually in use of epipen)

Where there is any cause for concern, staff deal with a child with the utmost sensitivity and always seek guidance from the Headteacher.

Wherever possible, parents will be contacted/asked to come into school immediately so that they are part of the decision making process for such matters.

In the case of an emergency, the school will call for emergency treatment first before contacting the parent.


If members of staff have any concerns about people working within the school they have a professional duty to inform the Head teacher or Governing Body. These issues will be dealt with swiftly and sensitively and more details are available in the whistle blowing policy.

Policies that you may find useful

All policies can be found here or at the school office.

  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Behaviour & Anti-bullying Policy
  • Positive Handling Policy
  • Safer Recruitment Policy
  • Whistle Blowing Policy
  • Internet Policy (being prepared)