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Holbeton Primary School

Holbeton Primary School

Holbeton Primary School

SEND Information

Devon County Council is committed to ensuring that all children and young people have a good start in life. Some children and young people have Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and these differing needs mean varied levels of support may be required at different times. Further information about Devon’s Local Offer.

Please click here for our latest policy Special Educational Needs .

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (or SEND as it is often referred to) describe the specific needs of a child who has a disability or difficulty which makes learning harder for them than perhaps other children in their class.

At some point during their time at school around 1 in 5 children can have an SEN. And of course, some children continue with special needs and require additional support through their education.

SEN covers a broad range of needs – it could be a very specific issue or a wide range of needs that require support. Someone could have a hearing impairment or have difficulty with numbers or letters. It may be that they find communication difficult generally.

At Holbeton Primary School we make sure that children are supported to achieve no matter what their ability or learning needs and this includes SEN.

Our SENDCo (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator) is Stuart Armley-Jones and he works with the whole teaching team and Governing Body to ensure that we do all we can to support children (and their families) in identifying and where necessary, supporting SEN.

If would like to know more about SEN or have any particular concerns please do contact Stuart Armley-Jones Rundle or Sally Thomas, Governor for SEN at Holbeton Primary School.

For more information please see the School’s SEN Report  please click below: