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Holbeton Primary School

Holbeton Primary School

Holbeton Primary School


Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum in England: framework for key stages 1 to 4 (2014). It also includes religious education and sex education.

At Holbeton, we aim to present a less fragmented approach to learning by presenting subjects to the children through half termly topics. Children can be involved in choosing these topics to engage and immerse them in their learning. Please go to the class pages to see our topic maps for this term. Learning is tracked carefully through these topics to ensure that all subjects are covered and that children achieve the required standards.

Our curriculum is enhanced, wherever possibly, by taking our learning outside. We take advantage of our beautiful grounds to keep the children excited and engaged using all the natural resources that are readily available to us.

Also, to promote global respect and understanding, every half term the whole school takes part in a cultural event either learning about a religious festival such as Diwali, or learning about another culture eg how do they celebrate Easter in Brittany?

Every opportunity is taken to promote healthy living, self-belief and safeguarding for the children. Different aspects of internet safety are taught every half term with many aspects of personal development such as developing critical thinking, resilience and leadership skills actively taught in our Forest School Curriculum.

We aim for our children to not just achieve excellent results at the end of their Key Stage assessments, but to provide them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to ensure that they develop into successful and happy adults.

Having run our new curriculum for a year now, we are beginning to go through and update each half term's overview. You are very welcome to click below to see how are 'planning upgrade' is going.